War in Heaven: Mother Nature and Politics in Florida

Wake up!! Mother Nature is in Charge!

Heading south can be a real high!  Traveling at warp speed (65 mph) from Cass County, we reach the mountains in a couple of days.  Even though we have traveled this way numerous times, it is always a spectacle — we love and fear.  Down-shifting is the name of the game when we reach a summit and barrel down hill.  In 2016, Tom broke a tooth in Colorado trying to keep our RV on the road of a very steep mountain.

Mother Nature and Florida.  The War!

Can you believe it?

Last year, we painted the gutters and etc., on the outside of our little “hut.”  We also painted inside the screened porch.  When we left,  all was gleaming and happy.  Upon arrival this year, we found mildew and mold  had taken up residence.  Neighbors said it was the hotest summer they had experienced with lots of rain.  This stuff was too much for me.  But, Tom jumped right in and began washing everything by hand.  He has his own formula for mold removal.

My hero!

Our Palm trees had also evolved into an unsightly mess.  Again, Tom jumped in and began trimming them.  Many neighbors hire people to do this.  Often, I am amazed at his abilities to do all of the maintenance we need. When he was finished, there was a pile of debris next to the street that had to be removed with a forklift.  WOW!

Could you trim these trees?

Food from the Gods

In between days and days of cleaning (inside and out), we headed to Indian River to order take out.  At Dogs R’ Us, Tom ordered his first hot dog of the year.

This would send me to the hospital.

For the past two years we have passed by Moonlight Drive-In and did not stop.  This year we were up for a little action and decided to dine at the old-fashioned drive-in.  It was a different experience but I am not sure we would return.

Playalinda Beach on the Canaveral National Sea Shore

We took another break from cleaning and headed to the beach.  No words can describe its beauty.

This trip to the beach was on the day of the tropical storm. You could actually see rings of the (hurricane) in the sky.

Our first catch at Playalinda.

Fiat Madness and Storage.  DMV Blues in Florida

There are only two cars that would fit through our double doors on the screened porch (for storage while we are gone).  We could not find a Smart Car, but did uncover a gorgeous 2017 Fiat POP.

Here she is!

The owners of the Fiat were like angels from another time and space.  Tom found the car online in August in Sarasota, Florida, and told the owners we could not pick it up until the end of October.  After some negotiations and good will, they agreed to hold the car for us (with a down payment) until we arrived.  Other offers came in, but they stood by us!

Pick up and execution of the title was easy.  Terry and Myron graciously gave us a tour of their very lovely home (to die for).  Then, we headed the 175 miles back to Titusville.  I had not driven a stick shift for many decades.  I was surprised at how much I loved it.

Government Hell

About a day later, I took all the paperwork for the car to the DMV.  No, I could not license or title the car.  I think they did not believe that the car had only 1022 miles on it.  They made up excuses about how the numbers were placed on the title, the lack of Tom’s name, and more.  Tom even had to sign a Power of Attorney.  I told the office person that he was outside in the car but she would not have it.  What a mess!

So the angels had to sign special documents that verified the mileage.  I put the documents in the mail on October 27. I thought they would reach Sarasota in about two days.  It took them almost two weeks to arrive.  These documents were sent during the time that the Post Office was ordered to slow down the mail. (Attempted Voter Suppression verified by a retired Postal chief.) Terri signed the documents and they finally got back to us in two days on November 12.  (Yes, after the election.) With all the documents in hand,  I went back to the DMV thinking they would throw me out the door again.  They did not, and now I finally have a license for the Fiat.

At last….

Election Insanity

Our favorite outing for a few weeks was town hall in Titusville, always weighed down with paperwork.  We have never seen the screaming and yelling and hoopla that was going on around the government buildings.  There was music.  There was dancing.  There were conga chains. There were balloons.  Flags were flying and posters were  being thrown around.   Madness at best!  And, there were thousands of signs around the city buildings.

And, there was another kind of insanity in the parking lots around town.  People were angry and they displayed their anger on their cars.


Moments of Wonder

Tom pedals his bicycle with friends once a week.  I don’t follow because I can not keep up the speed.  So, we started to get my bike ready for me to ride when, what do you know? There was an animal living inside of it.  We tried to get it out, but it still might be in my bike somewhere underneath the seat.

Is it a gecko or a frog?

This is one of the scores of mysterious beings around our house.

Our beloved canines have become spoiled while living in the RV.  Twinkers thinks that she should have a bowl of salad too!

She was too close!

Birthdays are the Best!

We celebrate our birthdays in October and November.  Tom wanted an apple pie.  It was my first homemade pie baked in the convection microwave.  Wow!

Space Critters

We regularly feel the earth move and thunder shakes everything that is living.  I would love to show you all my pics of the launches from the Space Center.  Here is one launch that was particularly large.  It is taking astronauts to the space station!

We are standing in the driveway in front of our house. The launch lit up the sky!

Notice the little white dots.  Those are planes circling the event.

Next week we are visiting the Crystal River Archaeological Park on the west coast of Florida!  I will report later.

Stay safe and follow CDC guidelines.  Life is perilous these days!

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge




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