Coping with Covid: At Home and Somewhere Else

Strategies That Calm the Mind

One of my favorite bays, Agate Bay.

Happiness usually finds my fingers on the keys of a computer.  These days it is a little hard to settle down to sitting at the desk.  It helps to keep busy when millions are being infected with the virus and thousands and thousands are dying.  Yesterday was the decision day.  It is time to write a blog. Since we are not on the road much these days, this blog will share our paths to avoiding insanity in an unmanaged pandemic.

Nature can be a Haven

Our backyard is filled with trees and a pond.  Feeding the fish is a joy!  Last year while we were on vacation, some greedy animal stole all of our fish.  The fish had been with us for over 20 years.  Early in the Spring of 2020, Tom purchased seven fish.  We did not realize how much a fish could cost.  They promptly hid from us.  Now we know why!  They had lots of babies.  We are not sure how many small fish we have now, but it is around 20.  Only three big fish show their faces to us.  Where are they? in the maternity ward?

Taken in Two Harbors.

Camping is a way of enjoying Nature.  It is an escape from concrete, naughty neighbors, and cleaning the house.  In a previous blog, we shared our experiences at Two Harbors, Minnesota.  Today I would like to add another chapter.

Camp in the Open Air

Grand Marais on a clear day.

From Two Harbors you can explore Lake Superior and the small towns and parks along the lake.  But, you can also go north to the Boundary Waters and Ely.  We took trips all the way up to Grand Marais.  Because the border was closed, we did not make it to Thunder Bay.

Grand Marais is a tourist Makkah.  Here are a few interesting pics.

This bike path goes from Two Harbors to Grand Marais along Lake Superior.

Who is making the Pizza in Grand Marais?

Interesting store with a fish on the roof. It was quite rugged. In Grand Marais!

Black Beach was teeming with tourists.   Here are a couple of pictures.

It was not easy to walk on this beach.

There were picnic tables situated all over the beach and people were social distancing. The landscape was a bit foreboding.

Tettegouche State Park

Tom and I did not want to brave the crowds to visit the main Tettegouche State Park and falls.  We were so surprised to see so many people.  So we took a back road and hiked down a couple of hills to Illgen Falls near Silver Bay.  It was much quieter.

A quiet moment!

Get Out and Bicycle your way to Freedom from the Virus!

Tom loves to ride and you will find most campers towing bicycles, boats, kayaks, or off road vehicles.  There is something about feeling the wind in your face.  Below was a family of bikers.  I loved seeing all the different sizes of bikes.

Here are our bicycles. Notice Tom’s Kayak.

Back at the Campground

Weather is not always perfect but when it storms, it gives you the opportunity to do something else.

A beautiful storm on Lake Superior viewed from our front window.

I even bake bread when we are camping. Do you see the front of the RV in this shot?

Beauty Surrounds you when you Camp!

I made a friend!

Enjoy the flowers.









Rent a Kayak for $20 an hour!  A half-hour would be okay for me!

Staying at Home is not so Easy

After our excursion to Two Harbors, we found ourselves at home.  There were no concerts, no real shopping because the stores were empty, no dining out, no social activities whatsoever.  So we punted!

Outdoor concerts with food kept us safe. Except the neighbors next to us were not so safe.

These days  we order take-out and dine in the parking lot!

We continued upgrading and uplifting our home.  Besides Tom’s guitar painted bright yellow, we have painted walls in the family room, the entry way, Tom’s office, a couple of walls in the hearth room, both entry doors, and begun to change our decor to reflect our Florida life.  What fun!  The only problem is that everything you purchase has to found online.  Below are a couple of examples of change.

Tom beginning to paint his office a creamy pumpkin.

Tom’s office shines now!

The mantel before paint!

The hearth room with a Florida hue.

New Food

Since we are not dining out as much as we normally would, we are trying to learn how to cook new items.  Below is my first Cranberry and Wild Rice bread.  One of my new favorites is a German hearty bread with about seven different seeds and nuts.  It is a meal in itself.

Really, Cranberry and Wild Rice bread was good.

Here is my own recipe for German bread. Spices were difficult to find.

Breathe in Fresh Air

Below is a pic of our pond and waterfall.   In the evening we watch deer, foxes, ground squirrels, sometimes large rodents, raccoons, and opossums. Occasionally we see Eagles, Turkey Vultures, and other birds of prey.  The list is too long.

Tom takes care of it and I feed the fish.

Hillary is our protector and leader.  She is standing guard and sends greetings and hopes that all will be safe.

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge with Thomas C. Hemling (some of the time).

Our new card!!!

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