In the Middle of the Night

Life is different now for all of us. 

Homeless person on the Indian Lagoon in Titusville.

I thought about titling this piece, “Let them eat pasta.”  Why?  Modern day slave drivers have sent meat packing people (and others) back to work in spite of infections that have ranged as high as 1,000 at their  plants.  I sometimes wonder if we are all in a dream.  Can this really be happening?

The blues come too easily as we wait for the virus to leave us.  Keeping busy takes our minds off the fear we have going to the grocery store or pumping gas or talking to anyone.  And, it keeps us from constantly grieving for all of those who have passed on, or who are fighting for their lives in hospitals.

Since arriving back in Cass County, we have planned projects for almost every day. Of course, this is not traveling, but in a way, it is traveling.  It is traveling around our home!  So today I am going to share some of our traveling, workaholic days!  While I love to read, research, and create, my mind does not want me to sit still!  So we work!

Clean, Repair, Clean

Painting the trim is a once-in-a-lifetime event for me. I don’t recommend it.

Our home has been cleaned and polished from top to bottom. We have washed the windows inside and out.  Tom cleaned the blinds and power-washed the driveway.  Yesterday I finished painting the trim in the garage (yes, garage) while Tom cleaned the cars inside and out!  The garage also got new paint on the doors and trim.  The day ended with scrubbing the garage floor.

Here is a sample of his repair. Looks like new! New rocks too!

Last week we found a concrete guy who tuckpointed the front step and sidewalk.  After 23 years the bricks were breaking away from the concrete.  I tried to fix it but tuckpointing is not one of my skills.

Earlier, our back patio (after Tom power-washed it) was revived with an acrylic co-polymer sealer.  We learned about this type of sealer in Florida from Charles King.  Florida’s constant rain and intense heat turns concrete to dust.  Water-based sealers do nothing for the driveway in this type of weather.

The results on our patio were gorgeous.  It will last about five years.  The patio, sidewalk, and driveway are all exposed aggregate so it takes a ton of sealer.  We hope to seal our sidewalk and driveway in a couple of weeks.  It will take about 15 gallons.

Making the Property Shine

What a cool Florida color!

Tom weed whacks, mows, or trims bushes one or two days a week.  While he was in the sunshine last week, I brought a little bit of Florida sunshine to Missouri by painting the front door blue, and again, sealing the front porch.  My Talavera manatees are enjoying the new view.  They are on either side of the photo below. Yesterday we purchased new rocks to frame our walkway!  What fun!

New, clean look!

Creative Activities

This is a 2017 photo of Jaisson (L) and Brandon (R)

Tom continues to take guitar lessons from Brian Hudspeth, one of the best blues guitar players in Kansas City.  Brandon has been streaming concerts with Jaisson Taylor and his group, Levee Town.  While their technical expertise needs improvement, it is a treat seeing and hearing them on Youtube.

Like a child …

I am making baby steps in learning how to play the Banjolele.  The G7 chord is especially difficult for my fingers to form.  But, there is progress and I hope to join the Ukulele group at TGO in the fall.

And, Tom plays in three golf leagues.  He walks and practices social distancing.  We have golfed together for about 25-30 years but these days my right wrist complains, so I have stowed by clubs for a while.


Hillary loves to be groomed!

We are trimming the dogs and more.  I don’t know how much longer they can go without visiting the spa!

This is twice as big as a regular loaf of bread. Created in a $49 Panasonic Bread Machine!

On cold days baking takes over my heart and mind.  When in Florida, I missed my bread machine.  It has been working hard for us lately.  First it served up English muffins laced with sesame seeds and then it baked a Cranberry Pecan loaf.  Pass the butter please!

Also, a fresh apple pie appeared on our counter last night.  I am sure that Tom and I are gaining weight!


So beautiful! Granny Smith apples!

Social Distancing

Finally we could take our donations to Goodwill. The garage said goodbye to all of this stuff!

Social distancing is very challenging, as you have no doubt experienced.  I had three incidents when people shouted at me.  In Walmart a family of seven was blocking entrance to the door.  They were not wearing masks or gloves.  I did not want to push by them.  Finally, they entered the store and I said to the mother, “Do you know that the virus can extend to 13 feet?”  She said, “Mind your own business.”  A couple of days ago, a mother let her children run up and touch me.  I told the children that they need to social distance.  The mother said, “Stop talking to my children.”  She was not about to social distance.

Another day at Walmart, a frustrated young woman with her hands in the air yelled, “Let me by you.”  The guard at the door was stopping people from entering and I was in line.  She shouted at the guard also.  I asked her if she knew anything about the virus.  She said, “Where do you find that information?”

I don’t know why these people don’t practice social distancing.  Are they defiant?  Maybe they can not afford masks? Are they not in touch with the pandemic? Do they understand the risk?  Maybe they are following Trump’s lead?  Who knows?

Harriet is Gone

We adopted seven fish who will live in our pond. Most stay hidden so we hope they will survive. We will call one Harriet.

Singing in a Community Chorus has been a highlight for us the past few years.  One of the soloists, Harriet, just passed away.  She was 99.  We all wished we had her musical abilities and long life.  She is missed!

In the Middle of the Night

In November, we hope to purchase a Fiat Pop for me. A 1957 retro would be the best!

I keep looking for something that I don’t find in the news or online.  Billy Joel’s tune, “The River of Dreams,” started whirling around in my brain.   It seems to fit what we are all experiencing.  Click here! if you want to listen to the tune!

Stay well and keep busy! Oh, Tom wants to go for a ride! Let’s go!

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge

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