Covid-19 Therapeutic Excursions

Florida Coronavirus Blues

Governor DeSantis, at this very moment, quarantined all of us in Florida.  Up until now we have been able to do a few touristic activities. We still can bike, hike, kayak, swim, and more.  Here in Titusville the parks are open along the Indian River and they are not crowded.  All National, State, and County parks are closed.

Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane, No, its … 

Last week we trekked across the Max Brewer bridge to the Refuge only to see two manatees waving at us from the Indian River Lagoon.  Yesterday we think we saw a “Right” whale hanging out at the harbor. Besides all of fantastic natural activities in Titusville, it is also a repository of Space history.

The Shuttle just popped up on us as we were scouring Titusville in search of its historic sites.

I have lived through all of the space adventures so far.  There was Sputnik, the monkey astronauts, the men on the moon, abductions, landed aliens, the space accidents, the space station, and more. But, could I name all of the astronauts and missions?  Give me an “F.”  Brevard Museum makes a point of informing us that the first woman astronaut/cosmonaut was from the USSR, Valentina Tereshkova. Did you know that, I did not!

Titusville has many space exhibits and memorials and they are mind-boggling. Now the U.S.A. is  launching a Space Force, and it just across the river from us!

Here is an example of the one of steps.

Just like the movie stars out west, and the music notes on the sidewalk in Memphis, each astronaut has their name embedded in concrete.  (I don’t recall if there is a walk of fame for teachers? or scientists? or clergy? or health professionals? or grocery store clerks? or, ….)

The displays would be a great place to take children to learn about space exploration.  They could spend all afternoon reading about the past. Then they could head to the Kennedy Space Center to see the real thing!

This display overwhelmed me!

This is one of my favorite photos!

The photo above captures how I felt walking through all of the displays.  I was just floating in space.  We also ran into some great murals on the walls of older buildings.

This mural captures Titusville.

Fort Christmas (Just outside Titusville!)

We have visited many, many forts but this one was excellent in every way!

Yes, there is actually a town of Christmas in Florida, and right across the street is Fort Christmas.  Visiting Fort Christmas had been on my list for a year.  My excitement about history wearies Tom sometimes and he was not keen on visiting the place.  With most places locked down because of the Coronavirus, we headed for the Fort and were pleasantly surprised at how it was managed and the attention to historical detail. In a future blog, I will explain the need for the fort and the Seminoles.  Bravo Orange County!

Tom and I visited the homes from the 18th century and later.  They were not reproductions but actual buildings that had been brought to the park.

This could have been my mother’s bedroom.

When I walked into the front room of the first house, I felt like I was coming home.  The furniture, the TV set, and the smell of someone smoking were very familiar to me.  The rest of the home was filled with objects that could have been in my family home.  I felt like I was in a time warp.

As a child, we did not have a dining room in our house. We ate in the kitchen.

The next house we visited displayed wood and coal stoves from various vintages.  My grandmother Ova and Aunt Thelma cooked on a coal/wood stove.  It was a marvel to see them work.

My grandmother’s stove was twice as big.

In a small school auditorium there was an exhibition of old typewriters.  I recognized one of them.

When I was in seventh grade, I wrote my first research report on Egypt and typed it on a machine like the one above.  A neighbor loaned it to me.  No, I could not type.

While we were exploring the park, we heard screams from the chickens across the way.  I asked one of the rangers what was going on.  He said that he had just stolen their eggs and would be eating them shortly.

Wonder how fresh eggs taste?

This looks like my mama’s cabinet at the end of summer. Oh, mom passed away 10 years ago.

Soon we will leave this great adventure to return to Missouri.  A transport truck just picked up my Beetle.  Tom is plotting the route to take to Kansas City.  We are hoping that borders are not closed as we travel.  How can something like this happen to all of us? Below is one last look at a favorite spot of mine on the Refuge/Canaveral National Sea Shore.

Mosquito Lagoon will be waiting for us in the fall. This photo was taken near Playalinda beach on the Canaveral National Seashore.

A great past time in Titusville is watching the rocket launches.  Seems like they happen weekly.  Below is a photo of a launch that was canceled.

We all stared into the sun waiting for the launch!

This is not the end of our story.  We still have lots of side roads to share with you. Hopefully we will ALL survive the virus storm that is approaching! We just heard that two couples who live on our street are on one of the stranded cruise ships with coronavirus victims.  Perhaps we will leave early.

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge


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