Critters to the Left and Critters to the Right of Us!!

Watch Where You Step!

Shot by a resident of TGO.

We live in a nature preserve.  That means that a lot of things are preserved here that you would not find in an urban neighborhood.  I thought some of you might like to see a few of the critters who invade TGO and the area nearby.

We have two alligators who live in the pond behind us.  One is about 12 feet long and the other is half the size.  They really don’t bother us! Day and night we have mammoth birds sitting on the banks or launching from our roof.  Sometimes when we walk  from the hut to the RV there will be two large white birds enjoying the day on our driveway!

TGO Heroes

I wanted to upload only photos for you but WordPress is protesting.  We will see what we can do.

Shot by James Dick. He is in a little river that runs through TGO. And those are the colors!

Giant Cranes. Sometimes they walk with me. Shot by a resident of TGO!

The cranes are at least four feet tall.

Several of these rattlesnakes have been found on the Nature trail! The two photos of rattlers were shot by someone at the Nature Center.

Here is a guy to walk with!

Brevard Zoo

Yesterday we visited the Brevard Zoo.  Even with discounts, it cost over $40 for the two of us, but it was worth the price we paid.  There are a lot of exhibits where visitors can interact with the animals and birds.

For a fee visitors can feed the Giraffe!!!!  I have never been so close to one of these tall critters.

I think some of these live out in our yard???

You could walk a path right through the middle of Kangaroo land.  So close, but yet so far!

This one was protected from the fires in Australia.

The Aviary was Supreme!

We are not birders.  I know that they have feathers and feet and that is about it.  We have met hundreds of people who follow birds to the ends of the earth.  After visiting the Aviary at Brevard Zoo, I understand!

It is hard to believe that this bird was so red!

These seemed like love birds to me!

All of these photos are real.  Amazing! One of these guys has a striped vest.

So big and beautiful!

Blue Spring

A few days ago we heard that there were about 40 Manatees at Blue Spring State Park.  The park itself is stellar with crystal clear water.  Yes, crystal clear water is in Florida.  We did see Manatees but they were huddled together playing cards and we could not get good photos of them.  Yesterday, the Manatees at Haul Over Canal circled Tom and his six friends.  Dolphins jumped around the Manatees.  Kayaking here is more about discovering nature than paddling yourself to death!

Volunteering is a great sport in Florida.


These photos were taken from the net.


This is the closest we got to the Manatees at Blue Spring.  We brought home one of these toys!

Merritt Island National Refuge

While volunteering at the Refuge, we have almost 900 visitors on a single day.  It is the largest and most visited Refuge in the country.  Birders recently spotted a Great White Pelican from Africa recently.  I never knew that pelicans could be so graceful and beautiful.   Pelican Island National Refuge was created in 1903 located near Sebastian Inlet.  I think it was the first National Refuge!

This is a real photo.  Tom took it at the Refuge.

Naturalists love to leave their marks!

There are many other photos but I am afraid I am boring you!  Titusville is a surprise for us.  We made the right decision coming to this fabulous place.  Here is my last critter!

I wanted to do something special for the Brevard Museum.  So I designed and purchased stickers to be given to visitors. (The photo was purchased.)

Come visit!

Photo taken by a resident at TGO.

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge










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