Space Coast Xmas underneath the Palm Trees

Rockets launch while TGO Residents do the XMAS Boogie!

SpaceX working for the world!

Usually Tom and I try to escape Xmas by leaving the country. The shopping and frantic rush to make purchases that leads to gridlock in the stores and on the highways is too much for us. One year, to our dismay when visiting India, we were greeted with Xmas music and large decorated Xmas trees at our first hotel. Morocco is a better place to escape.

TGO has changed my mind.

This one is modestly decorated!

It is like they have Christmas fever.  Wreaths are attached to the back of their golf carts.  Christmas lights blink and Xmas music can be heard for blocks. Even the trucks who service TGO residents are decorated.

This is my favorite pic. Teddy bears in a very dated Class A.

At least two streets have Xmas displays that light up the skies at night.  During the day, you can tour the street with blow-up Xmas figures. I especially like the one where Santa is piloting a rocket. And on the main drag, called Plantation, there are pink Flamingo’s pulling Santa’s sleigh!  WOW

Apollo Beach (What a name!)

On one afternoon we visited Apollo Beach on Canaveral National Sea Shore.  Right in front of the visitor’s center was a rocket-ship sleigh waiting for Santa to Arrive.

This sleigh was the most unusual that I have ever seen in my life!

Every yard, the whole street, is lit up at night! Wonder if aliens can see it?

They serve free cookies and drinks at the local church, and have created an evening where decorated houses are open to the public.  On one Friday, scores of decorated golf carts paraded through the compound.  Early  in the fall, the Nature Center had a sale of Xmas items.  Little did we know that these items would be on display just about everywhere. Here are a few of the snazzy golf carts:

Volkswagen Christmas Wagon. They were late arrivals because the sides fell off when they surged toward the street. Quick thinking got it back together.

They were all “hamming it up!” I did not ask them to do this!

This was on the back of a golf cart. Where are the golf clubs?

Don’t you think this one is over the top.

Tom joined the parade. Notice the lights on his handle bars. He was the only one peddling!

Every condo-area throughout the park has its own decorated Xmas sign–with lights.  You can’t miss them!

Underneath TGO Xmas trees are all sorts of creatures including alligators and armadillos. This morning I was over run by guys in their 80’s circling streets in their very red and very expensive motorcycles. On the way home other guys in their 80’s were also driving decorated BMW and Audi convertibles.  Huh!

Shopping at Be(a)lls (my favorite department store) the other day, we spotted a palm tree with Xmas lights that was half price.  But, it was still too pricey for us.  After Xmas, I am going back to see if it is still for sale.  Who me?  Yes you!

This blog won’t describe our experience watching a rocket launch, (that will come later) but I did want to draw attention to the fact that SpaceX is sending objects out into space about the same time that Santa should be arriving.  Watch out Santa!

Santa sitting in the back of a golf cart. He will be coming to your town soon!

As always, this blog is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge


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