Cardboard Heaven and the Games Bugs Play!

OZ and the Lay of the Land!  TGO RV Resort Park 

Oz and all its glory. (Taken from the net,)

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Everyone keeps telling us that we are, “Living the Dream!”  We don’t remember dreaming about living in Florida.  It was just this thing that happened to us.  We only wanted to spend a couple of weeks every winter where it was warm.  We came, we left, and then we had to return!  We missed the sun, the warmth, and the friendly people.

Bugs, Bugs, and more Bugs!  Every day is a biting adventure.

Stay away from fire ants.  Why?  Well, Tom was trimming our beautiful Palm trees when he was attacked by fire ants.  They bit him up and down his legs.  I was sitting at least ten feet away and they came after me and devoured my legs.  How did they find me?

We followed the yellow brick road to here!

While visiting Sierra Leone, W. Africa, I learned about Army Ants.  If you step on their line, they will swarm all over you and devour what they can.  Fire ants aren’t as lethal, but they sure can bite and the bite itches for weeks.

More Ants and No-See-Ums

We have sprayed for snakes, fire ants, red ants, Palmetto bugs, and more.  At the end of the day, they love the spray.  After spraying your legs with Deet, they head right for you.  We get bit everywhere we go.  On our lovely screened in porch overlooking a pond, we keep feeling something biting but can’t see a critter.  They are No-See-Ums!  Tomorrow I am going to bomb the porch to see if we can keep some of those biters at bay. Oh and by the way, chiggers can rain down on you under Spanish Moss.  And Spanish moss grows everywhere, even on power lines.  Be careful!

Nature Is Beyond Wonderful!

Here’s that creek in the morning sunshine!

Every day I walk by a creek next to our Nature Center.  There are all sorts of stunning white birds enjoying breakfast in the water.  Some of the Cranes appear to be over five feet tall.  The past two mornings sitting on the bank was a Crane and about two feet away was a three-foot alligator.  This morning they were sitting together about four inches apart.  Seems like a strange relationship to me! And……. every once in a while we get a glimpse of an alligator right outside our windows!  Even huge birds spend the night with us!

Renovating the Hut

This is an old pic. The hut is behind the RV.

Cousin Charles and lovely Cassie!

My cousin Charles and his grandchild Cassie dropped by for a visit the other day.  We showed them around the hut and he asked, “Where is the bedroom?”  Well, we sleep and cook in our motorhome and the hut is extra space for music, for writing blogs, for paying bills, for TV watching, for entertaining guests, for eating desserts, for a huge shower, and for doing laundry.  I think it was difficult for them to imagine camping full-time!


I never realized how wonderful it would be to visit Lowe’s in the winter in Florida. Just look at those flowers!

We have fixed a lot of things on the hut!  There is a new roof, new washer and dryer, new water heater, new up-graded electrical, new heating and cooling system and more.  Plus, almost every stitch of furniture and shelving is new.  That means that Tom was constantly opening boxes and filling the space in the hut.  Every inch is precious!

Filling the Landfill

TGO is ahead of its time in recycling.  They have an area where old used goods can be taken, stuff can be recycled, and there is a bin for large bags of garbage.  TGO picks up our garbage at the hut every day. We hauled huge cardboard boxes to the area every day for three weeks.

Last March we painted about 75% of the hut  but workers took out air conditioners and filled holes and did not paint or clean up after themselves.  They also left their dirty hand marks around the place.  So Tom spent several days re-painting and touching up areas.  Today I am painting the trim on the porch.  It will take me 2-3 more days to finish.  In my next blog, I will send pictures of the upgraded hut.

When we arrived in November, mildew had encompassed the hut.  Tom and I washed down every inch of our 600 square foot porch and then Tom scrubbed the outside of the hut by himself.  As you can surmise, we have been busy!

Exploring OZ!

Of course, the most important outings are to new restaurants.  One by one we are checking them off the list.  One of the most unusual was “Loyd Have Mercy.”  It boasts good southern cooking and a down to earth clean interior.

Here is the interior of Loyd’s!








Playalinda beach just north of Cape Canaveral is one of our favorite spots.  How cool is it to walk on a beach where you don’t see anyone? It is more than restorative!

Playalinda. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Greg launching his kayak at the Marine Park in downtown Titusville.

So far, we feel at home in Titusville and Orlando and have made a few friends.  Orlando is more than twice as big as the Kansas City area.  Titusville is relaxed and Orlando is fast-paced and electric! TGO is a nature preserve through and through!  Come visit!  There is no room in the hut but there are about four hotels about a mile away where you could stay.

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge and the Canines

TGO is getting ready for Santa!





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