Dancing down the Yellow Brick Road to Florida

We are not in Kansas (or Missouri) any longer! 

I took this photo which was on the side of one of his 18 wheeler trucks.

About eight days ago the journey to Oz began.  But, before our motorhome was launched Tom had to attend a concert by Joe Bonamassa at the Midland Theatre.  Bonamassa is one of the best Blues guitarists in the world. The Midland Theatre is tired but reminded us of so many tourist sites that we had visited in Europe.

The stage turned different colors with lots of mirrors.

Bonamassa burned up several guitars while the rest of the band followed his lead.  I especially liked the section where there were dueling guitars.  Concerts these days are more than music.  In order to keep you interested they continuously spike the stage lights and shoot spotlights at you.  As soon as they opened the cannons of smog, my eyes began to weep.  The ear plugs could not blunt the amount of sound that was coming from the stage.  Gum inside a package in my pocketbook vibrated violently. It was like a jet taking off!

Sunset at Lake Dardanellle is beyond words!

On the way to Oz (TGO RV Resort and our new hut) nights were spent in various campgrounds.  Hands down, Lake Dardanelle  State Park is a fine place to stay for a few days.  Many of the RV sites are on the Lake with full-hook ups.  Pull-throughs are hard to find.  If you like to walk, this is the place to stop.  You can engage in water sports, fishing, as well as, swimming.  Lake Dardanelle has great staff and a modern visitor center. Our site was right on the lake.  Steps led down to a table and a lower patio.  What a stellar place to vacation.  Below are a couple of photos of our site right on the water.

What a spot to dream!

Just outside Tupelo, Mississippi is Trace State Park.  It had been recommended by Newmar Motorhome enthusiasts. Trace’s brochure boasted a beautiful lake, woods, cement pads, and a wonderful life.   When we arrived, we could barely get through the dilapidated gate.  About five years ago the lake went dry.  No one has been able to fix it.  Instead of gazing out over a soothing water view, we  meditated on dried weeds.  The park itself is crumbling.  The 50 amp service was not working at our site and when we reported it, the three people sitting at the kiosk were unconcerned.  I wonder what those Newmar owners were smoking?

This is not a view of water. It is fog hanging on the weeds. Yuk!

Permanent residents haunt RV campgrounds, parks, and resorts.  A lot of people must live on Social Security or disability or ….  If that is their only means of income, then how do they live?  If you can find an old camper and get it hauled to a RV park.  You can have all of your utilities included in your rent.  We found spots in Texas for $500 a month (Some required additional payments for electricity.)  Recently, we overnighted outside Montgomery, Alabama.  Right in front of us was an old van where someone lived.  Next to it was an ice cream truck, and another old van where two or more people lived.

Tom pointed out the vans to me.  I always want to write a story (in my mind) about the people who are living in these makeshift abodes.  So, I began thinking about an older person, or a person who just got out of jail, or a disabled person, or a recently divorced person.  Soon the person living in this tiny van with flat tires emerged.  She was young, in her 40’s, and was dressed very well.  She went off for a while and brought back her laundry which was hung on her make-shift deck.  I couldn’t write her story!

This happened in Montana also.  We were walking by a dilapidated, grungy, trailer that had been hauled into the campground. It was sitting on top of another flatbed trailer.  We wondered!  A finely dressed, coiffed, and maintained female emerged.  I could not write her story either.  Maybe you can?

Could you live here?

After a horrid night in Lake City, Florida at a dusty, congested, and noisy campground, we decided to leave at 4:00 a.m.  We had to get out of Dodge.  Arriving early at OZ, the transporter of my Beetle also arrived about the same time.  The yellow brick road ended right at our doorstep where we found a rainbow.

Lots of elbow grease awaits us as we complete renovation on our hut.  The sun is shining on November 11 and it is 84 degrees.  You can’t beat it!!

This isn’t our hut. It is a dead gas station!

As we traveled across Alabama we came across many abandoned gas stations like the one above.  We wondered if the trend toward electric cars was already hurting the gas station owners?

Yesterday was the day we made it official! Residents of OZ!

I will be back in touch with you when the renovations are complete and the furniture has arrived.

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge and her canines Twinkers and Hillary.

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