Circling Lake Superior #2–No Dementia Yet!

Canadian Natural Wonders and War History! 

Here is a giant sweep across the north of Lake Superior.

Our home for six weeks!

Typical Vistas of Lake Superior on the Trans-Canada Highway 11/16

Follow our Route! from Thunder Bay to Sault Saint Marie!

Follow the map from Thunder Bay east.

Thunder Bay

Beauty in Thunder Bay high above the city.

Kakabeka Falls about 20 minutes east of Thunder Bay. You can walk right over the falls! Awesome!

Persians are found everywhere in Thunder Bay! Tasty!

Just north of Thunder Bay is a great smoked fish and amethyst shop. We spent an afternoon digging for Amethysts at a mine!

The Town of Red Rock and Neys Provincial Park

On a day trip from Thunder Bay we discovered Red Rock.  It is named for the red cliffs around it, but the cliffs are now covered with trees.  At the interpretive center we learned about this mill town governed by a huge industrial whistle that told the people when to get up, when to eat lunch, and when to go to bed.

One of the best things about the Red Rock interpretive center was an underwater simulation of a trip around Lake Superior.  We saw fish, sunken ships, invasive species and more.  It was so real that it made you dizzy.

The interpretive center also described how German POW’s were housed at Red Rock during WWII.  They tried to escape through a tunnel and were later transferred to another site.  At Neys Provincial Park Germans were also imprisoned. After the Germans were moved, Japanese were forced into the prison. The Canadian Japanese had to sell everything they had.  We did not know that Canada had such harsh policies during WWII.  And we did not know that Canada was invaded by Germans who shot down 23 of their ships in the Saint Lawrence Seaway.  What a lesson in history!

We walked among the remains of the buildings. Metal and glass still sits on the ground from WWII.

This is a miniaturized site that imagines the WWII prison.

I have ordered two books about the evidence of how Germans invaded Canada and were off the Eastern shores of the United States.  I knew that they were in POW camps in Alaska!


The best thing about Marathon was the hike that we took through the forest around the campground.  People had created little towns of trolls with houses, ladders, clotheslines, and more.  It was as if magic had happened and we were part of it.

Here is one little troll house! Keep looking and you will see more.

Pukaskwa National Park

I took this picture on a hike from hell above the bay at Pukaskwa.

Tom doing his thing in the Bay.


One of the three gigantic birds at Wawa!

Magpie Falls on a rainy day in Wawa –down a muddy road.

Batchawana Bay down a long, lonely, wet, muddy road!

We met Sylvia who fed us lunch even though her restaurant was closed.

Sault Saint Marie, Canada

Sault Saint Marie’s locks are for “show” and don’t really work any longer!

This is a new way to camp. They said that they did not have guns, only children inside.

The Mackinaw Bridge. We were so happy to be heading back to the states!

This blog is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge.  One more blog will consider the economy and environmental devastation of this region! BAM, you might not want to read it!
























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