The Borg Invaded Sebastian Inlet State Park

Sebastian Inlet Park is a Park Like No Other

Beauty beckons for you to return at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida.  It is located where the 121-mile Indian River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Any time of night or day you can see water flowing in and out of the Inlet.

The beach is more than a beach!

Sometimes flocks of white Pelicans take rides on the water that whisks them out to the Atlantic. My daily 90-minute walk included talking to hundreds of different birds, Dolphins, and people fishing up a storm. Water circles the campground!  Can anything get any better?  We were sad to leave.


During our first morning beach walk, we found people fishing who were not well-clothed and spoke languages that we did not recognize.  They were immigrants, but from where?  I wondered if they lived on the beach? or the jungle nearby!

The birds follow you everywhere!

Everywhere you look at Sebastian Inlet someone is fishing.  Heads and faces are bundled like women wearing the hijab.  (Are they hiding their identity?) As they walk or bike, dragging behind them are small trailers filled with paraphernalia.  They fish off the rocks, the beach, the docks, boats, the bridge walk-way, on the beach, from bicycles, and even from their cars. They use huge nets and bring in a dozen fish at a time!

My favorite bird photo!

This morning I saw a man cooking fish for breakfast on a little gas burner sitting on the back gate of his very old pickup truck.  He was not camping.  He was homeless because I saw the inside of his truck with his mattresses and belongings. If he was camping, he would have been at a regular site!

On my way back to our campsite, I passed by four male campers in a row standing at their respective picnic tables facing in the same direction, fiddling with their fishing gear. It could have been a movie!

Sanity, a place to purchase stainless steel jewelry. Very creative!

Sweet Awesome, yep that is her name, helped us!

Kayaking and More

Kayaking is grand on the Indian river.   Tom has had Dolphins swimming around him, and he actually paddled right over a shark. Yesterday, he a huge fish jump right across his kayak.  Park rangers have warned that there are alligators and harmful jellyfish just waiting to snap at a tourist.  But the kayakers don’t mind.  Adventure is the goal of the day.

The Borg

How ugly!

During our first week at Sebastian, we spied the steel dredging contraptions out in the water, but they were broken.  They did not make a sound.  One cyclops light watched us.  Then suddenly there was a loud hum, and something that sounded like thunder started the gigantic beating heart.  The steel contraptions came alive and began bringing sand through three-foot rubber hoses to somewhere south of the Inlet.  Click on this sentence to be taken to a link about the Borg.

This is the heart of the Borg!

Throughout the night the heartbeat continued and rattled our motorhome.  We did not bargain for this invasion of the Borg.  If you have watched Star Trek over the years, you know about the aliens, the Borg.  They are “cybernetic organisms, linked in a hive mind called the Collective.” They are to be feared.  I felt like these cybernetic organisms, the dredging machines, were killing the Inlet, or at least taking over its mind.  (You know the Hindus believe rivers are divine!) When I spoke with a volunteer at the park and told him about my idea that the Borg had taken over, he said, “I think you are correct.”

The sunsets were so beautiful that we stopped to watch them every night!

Sunsets on cruise ships are surreal experiences.  But, here, at Sebastian they are even more intriguing.  This evening as we walked the Indian River, watching the sun disappear, we smelled oil.  Yes, the Borg has killed the Inlet.  They have poisoned it with diesel.  We could see the oil pooling around the edge of the Inlet.  Where are the reporters!  (This might be a bit dramatic!)  Crews of men, dressed in yellow vests, swarmed to the Inlet while we slept. Poof!  The oil was gone!

Tentacles of the Borg.

Finding a Winter Home for our RV

Wintering in Florida at the Great Outdoors!

Last year we visited about 20 RV resorts in Florida to find a place that we might purchase or rent.  None of the resorts met our high expectations. Like Texas, Florida resorts jam RV’s together.  There is no room to breathe.   They choke your vision and your lungs.  Sebastian Inlet is a wonderful place to camp for only $26 a day.  We have no one camping in front or the back of us and there are at least 30-40 feet between camp sites with open space. The site next to us is so large that you could put six RV’s in it.  But you can only camp here for two weeks not three months.

Very unusual campers. They changed the placement of items at their site hourly! I wondered if they were palm readers?

We began our search again this year.  With a realtor, we visited RV pad sites with executive suites or as I call them “huts!”  They are no bigger than 10X10 feet and usually house a washer/dryer, make shift kitchen, and shower.  Many of the units we previewed were filled with mold and mildew.

Another sunset for you!

Yesterday we visited resorts where you could rent or purchase a pad.  (A pad is a cement driveway with all the utilities you need to hook up your RV.)  We don’t want to spend a winter camping near someone who has 30 years of junk sitting out in front of their RV.  (They are like the homesteaders we met in Alaska.) We like areas to be neat and clean with a little elbow room and a view.

The best place to winter an RV  (so far) is The Great Outdoors RV Resort in Titusville.  There is room between sites and when you are not camping on your site, you can rent it out.  They do the work for you.  I don’t know what we are going to do?  Will we purchase one of those sites?

Friends  are the Best!

We caught up with our friends Barb and Rick along the way.  We were so grateful to talk to people with a reasonable approach to life and politics.

They have sold their home and are moving back to Delaware. SAD!

We will be heading home soon.  I am thinking about uploading another blog entitled,  “Thongs, Blimps, Silver Alerts, and Pizza.”  It is still buzzing in my head.

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge



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