Love in the KC Music Community. From Tom’s Dashboard!

Everette DeVan is a Kansas City Star!

Since resigning from full time employment, Marla and I have focused a portion of our energies on music. Marla has been studying piano and I have been practicing guitar and, now, harmonica. In addition to learning new skills we are enjoying the local music community by attending Blues shows at BB’s Lawnside BBQ, rock and blues at Knuckleheads, Jazz at the Phoenix, musical Vesper programs, and the monthly offering of Spirituality and All That Jazz at Unity Temple on the Plaza. Cover charges range from $4 to $15 so it hardly diminishes the 401K. We have also volunteered at the Folk Alliance International Conference held the past 2 years in KC and will be here again on 2/14/18. Next on our agenda is visiting the Green Lady Lounge that offers Jazz seven nights a week on two stages. There is no shortage of venues to enjoy the local and visiting musicians in Kansas City.

Starving Artists

As you may know many musicians would fall in the category of “starving artist.” Some are full time musicians who perform and give lessons. If they get gigs three nights per week, at $200 per performance, that adds up to just over $30,000/year without benefits. With that low stipend it is difficult to put away money for a rainy day or for retirement. This is quite different from the internationally famous musicians and singers who visit KC, like Billy Joel or Taylor Swift, who’s stadium concert tickets sell for $100 to $500 and more.

Benefit for Everette DeVan

Today we attended a benefit for Everette DeVan at BBs. The event featured Kansas City notables from the blues and jazz communities. Everette, a graduate of the Colorado Conservatory of Music, has been a shining staple of the Kansas City jazz scene for 40 years on piano and Hammond B3 organ. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, a career in music does not lead to a financial nest egg.  And Everette is in need of a liver transplant ($575,000).   We do not know the details of his financial situation, but assume the medical expense may be covered by Medicare, but with his illness, he can not perform to make a living to cover expenses. (Or, given the health care system in the US, he may need to cover at least some of those expenses also).

The benefit performance by over 20 musicians, young and old, was an outpouring of love for Everette and demonstrated the bond among the musicians in the local community. All of the musicians had played with or learned from Everette over the years. The music was full of warmth, caring, and energy. Even though we are predominantly consumers of music, the event made us feel part of the music community, and we were energized by the experience.

Why not get out and support your local musicians. They give their heart and soul to their music, and you and they will benefit from it. There are a couple of Go Fund sites for Everett online, we know Eboni and her site but it appears to be dated. Here it is:

And we wish that we had more information to give you on how to help him!

Here is Everette playing his heart out on a Hammond B3 organ!

As always this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge





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