“Alaska More Than An Adventure” to be Published in the Spring

This cover is a work in progress!

Sneak Peak!

Below is a sneak peak of the book before it is published! The book will be titled, “Alaska More Than An Adventure.”  It’s goal is to function as a beginner’s guide to RVing and Cruising in Alaska — including hundreds of color photographs.

Tom and I have visited Alaska about eight times and rented motorhomes twice,  with Marla lecturing on several cruise ships over the years.

Let’s Visit Some of the Towns in the Kenai Peninsula

Driving South on Seward Highway toward the Gulf of Alaska


What a drive this is! I think one of the best in Alaska!

Crossing the Kenai Peninsula is like floating through a wonderland. The Kenai River is massive and sparkling clear. People who like to fish or adventure in the water will be stunned by its beauty of Kenai Fjords National Park or Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

You can go south to Seward, east on Portage road to Whittier (the Chugach National Forest) , or west on the Sterling Highway that will take you to the Kenai Spur Highway going north, or continue on Sterling until you reach Homer. Take your time and enjoy the scenery and wild life along the way. If you see someone stopped along the road, you know there has been a sighting.

This bear is in captivity but I have photos of many in the mountains!

Driving South on Seward Highway

Turnagin Arm







I love Turnagin Arm. Take your time as you wind around this great geological site. The views are breath-taking and the air is so crisp and clean you will feel years younger than you are! It deserves a lot of attention on your trip. The tide goes in and out and sometimes Turnagin is full of water and other times fish are stranded as the water flows out to the sea to reveal a sea of mud.

Stop at Potter’s Marsh and walk the wooden walkway through natural surroundings that welcome all types of birds and fish. We have seen Sockeye Salmon by the hundreds here. Just down the road at Bird Creek Fishing you might run into combat fishers hoping for a mother load of salmon!

Combat fishing is very dangerous!

Take time to visit the Potter Section House Railroad Museum. You can visit an old train with a rotary plow that used to plow through the snow. Skagway also features a rotary plow which can be viewed if you book passage on a cruise ship floating through the inside passage.


If you are hungry, sit and eat lunch at Beluga point where whales have been seen. Sit quietly and wait for Nature to find you.

This is a photo near Turnagin.

We have visited Alaska during the salmon runs and witnessed combat fishing down the streams flowing out of Turnagin. Hundreds of people stand side by side and, sometimes, three deep as they throw their lines into to catch one of the golden fish. Last time we were in Alaska a fisherman threw his hook into someone’s ear. As blood dripped down this fisherman’s face, people tried to free the hook. With no luck, he went off to the emergency room at a hospital.

More to come later ….

As always this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge.

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