Up North!! Two Weeks is NOT Enough!

Great Lakes.  No Salt. No Sharks. No Worries”

Here is Tom on Cisco Lake in his new blow-up kayak!

I felt a little sad this morning when we left the north woods of Drummond, town of about 400. I can’t put my finger on why I felt that way? Maybe it was the luscious green and sometimes overpowering landscape? Maybe it was the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Superior?”

There are a lot of trees in Wisconsin and Minnesota!!!

Such a beautiful place on the lake!

Beautiful St. Croix National Waterway!!!

Maybe it was the plain-spoken helpful and friendly people? Maybe it was the sky and the crisp clean air? Maybe it was the kindness of our friends who offered their cabin on a beautiful lake as a respite from the campground? Maybe it was the loons, or the sea-gulls, or deer crossing our path?

This is Bark Point on a bay adjacent to Lake Superior. What a sight!

I grew up in Michigan, surrounded by the Great Lakes. Some people say they live on a lake. But they are not lakes, they are ponds. Once you see the Great Lakes you understand!

Bored passengers on the ride around Apostle Islands!

Thirty five years ago we camped on our honeymoon and reached the Apostle Islands National Seashore. The boat trip was rugged! It was inviting! It was a challenge as our vessel swept through the islands.


Almost to the day this month we took the trip again to the Apostle Islands, but they were almost gone and you really could not see the shipwrecks! The Park Service has decided to let the twenty or so islands go back to their natural state, whatever that might be! Now all you see on the islands are green trees–no bears, no deer, no fishers, no mining, no boats, nothing! We are so happy that we saw them in their rugged and well-used state so long ago!

The best place to stay so far is in Hinckley, Minnesota at a Casino. Who would have thought? But it is not far NORTH.

Tom and I explored the possibility of purchasing a lot for our RV or finding a stellar RV Resort to park our rig for a summer. We found neither but I am sure we will look again. I want to go back to the lonesome roads and quietness of the north. I feel at home there.

People stay all summer at the RV Resort at the Casino. Here is one of the campers. It was like a little village.

We explored Knife River in Minnesota and rented a pick-up truck in Duluth. Duluth is a fascinating city. The canal area was beaming with people celebrating all sorts of things. Officers on horses mingled with us. We dined and then walked toward the lighthouse.

The lighthouse walk in the Canal area in Duluth!

Thirty five years ago, this area did not exist. We remember two pot-holed roads that met in Duluth, one coming from Superior, Wisconsin and the other going north. Today the landscape rivals any other port in our country. You can view Lake Superior and all its greatness from any perch high above Canal Street. What a town!

This is a bench in Bayfield where I will sit again.

Heading East we toured Bayfield, Wisconsin a couple of times. It is tempting to think of living at the edge of Lake Superior in a condo on Front Street.



We loved touring Ashland!

Nearby we admired Ashland’s architecture with its red sandstone buildings and murals. The town had been a booming timber, ore, and coal industry.  Now it is struggling to survive.

The murals told stories about Ashland. This one made me think of my  mother and father.

Look at the detail in this building!

We could not find Zanzibar any where else but at ice cream stores.




It is here that we discovered Zanzibar Chocolate Cedar Crest ice cream. Made in Wisconsin! What a treat!





I was sorry that I did not purchase anything at this store in Duluth!

We ran across many unusual tiny houses and campers.  Here are two of them that rose to the top!

This is an ice fishing trailer that people are camping in at the Casino RV Park. We saw three of these on our trek.

This is a homemade trailer. It was small but stunningly beautiful.

There is more to come on this trek to the North.  Stay tuned!

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge

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