Mama, Please Pass the Mush!

The Romance of Dining on the Road.

You can smell it, can’t you? When you camp grub is cooked over a blazing fire while someone plays the guitar! And every one sings Kumbaya and eats Smores? Right? Wrong! Only those who “rough it” cook outside. And they usually bring chewy bars, beef jerky, and bottled water to get them through the night!

Reaching to the Sky

The corn chips looked the same!

Reaching 10K feet above sea level is exhilarating. But our food protested. Cans swelled. Chip bags exploded. Salad dressing spit when opened! Poop flew out the drain at Tom. Yogurt packages looked like they had gained a lot of weight and then spit at you like the salad dressing!!


Dining in the Bush

Did you know that one sausage biscuit has 490 calories! Oh no!

Dining, even when you have a kitchen, presents us with many challenges. Usually we have breakfast on board because it is the easiest meal of the day. But sometimes we need to get on the road early and fast because of weather or a recreation reservation we have made. On those days it is a sausage or egg biscuit at McDonalds’s (if we can find one) that fills us.

A Bread Machine?  Really?

My Sunbeam beams!

About thirty to forty percent of the time we are cooking dinner and lunch ourselves. I decided that during this trip we were going to have fresh bread wherever we landed.

Having ventured to the parks long ago, I knew that the food was not very good (and it isn’t) or missing. So about four times on the trip I baked bread in a bread machine. Oh, you laugh, people stopped doing that long ago! Everyone has an old bread machine stowed somewhere in the basement!

Luscious Cranberry-Walnut bread cooked in the RV!

About six months ago our favorite bakery was sold and the bread we loved had a new recipe that we did not like. I thought, “I can bake that bread we love.” And so I began to experiment and create bread. Now, when we are at home, I bake bread about every four days or so. I use a very “cheap” Sunbeam baker and it is terrific.

A door slammed and the bread fell but it was still delicious. This is cheese bread with almost a cup of sharp cheese inside!

A tasty Rye!






Ham and Cheese on our gorgeous plate from Poland.




Panini Here we Come!

Who likes to eat cold sandwiches? I bought a small Panini maker to take with us so our cheese would melt. Tom and I both like grilled cheese sandwiches with lots of other things and we don’t like cooking them in a greasy frying pan. A hot sandwich in very cold weather really brightens up your spirits! We also have a griddle on board but we did not use it on this tour. Tom regularly used our portable gas grill for good eating stuff. We are afraid to leave a crock pot on board while we tour the countryside so we left ours at home.

Roughing It!

The RV has a microwave that turns into a convection oven in a snap. Tom is in charge of this technology. He whipped up some really good cinnamon biscuits three times on our trip. I also baked pumpkin bread for the gang for the first time! You can see that we are on a high carbohydrate diet. Hee Hee!

Local Food

An acceptable salad at Bryce Canyon Lodge but the rest of the food was awful I could not eat my chicken!

If you are driving and hiking and searching your way around towns and parks, sometimes your energy fades and you have to stop at a local restaurant because your RV is miles away. (We rent cars when we are on the road.) It takes a lot of energy to set up camp and keep the canines happy. Usually on days when we are hiking or boating or golfing or adventuring in slot canyons, we try to find local food to give us some energy.

The Best Dining in Seven States (Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Arizona)

Tapatio’s came to the rescue!

The best restaurant food we had on this trip was in Page, Arizona at Tapatio’s. The special was only $6.99 (including drink) and we went back twice! In Kanab we dined at a cowboy restaurant that did not offer any cowboy food. At the cowboy museum in Oklahoma City we were served wraps. In St. George we waited more than an hour for food and when it came, Taco Bell would have been better choice.

Milt’s food came in second! This is a BLT!

A salad at Egg and I hit the spot in St. George after golfing. In Hurricane we stopped at JB’s, a local restaurant, only to be served what seemed to be old food. (It looked like a defunct Bob Evans?) Food at the Parks did not make us sick, and we were grateful for that. We were so happy to find Milt’s good food in Moab only to eat at a recommended Fiesta Mexicana in Moab where the food had no taste.

It was like mush!


As always this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge




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