Float with Your Dog down the Colorado River!

Discover the Cities and Towns of Our Country!

Here are Tom and Hillary on that road. WOW!

We left Moab a few days ago taking U128 East to Interstate 70 heading home through Colorado and that pesky State of Kansas. This ancient road creeps along the Colorado River hugging the buttes rising thousands of feet in front of and above you. While the rest of the tourists were standing in line to enter Arches National Park, we were enjoying this lonely road with few other travelers.

Arches is Overwhelming!

How do you capture such a magical place. This is one of Tom’s photos.

Arches lives up to its hype! The formations are out of this world. We hiked the Windows Trail and a few other sites, lucky to find a parking spot. After facing so many crowds, we decided not to travel over 150 miles to Cannyonlands National Park.


Such a peaceful hike!

Arches is so beautiful that we thought we would spend another day exploring it, but we did not. On the way to the Visitor’s Center we found a trail outside the park that took us across the Colorado River and into the canyon below. It was so quiet and peaceful with a few cyclists. We did drive back to the line for the Visitor’s Center to watch the introductory movie but left the park to the hoards that were still in line. Busloads and Class C Motorhome tourists were everywhere!

Motorhomes by the Dozen

Tom wanted me to include this photo. I drove this big jeep and had to slide down out of it because it was so tall!

RV enthusiasts in the Midwest usually prefer a trailer attached to a huge pick-up truck when they travel. In the West we saw enormous numbers of Class A, B, and C Motorhomes. We have never seen so many motorhomes on the road and most of them were rented from El Monte. We rented motorhomes from Alaska, Canada, Nova Scotia and the lower 48 for about 10 years but we were in the minority. Now, we are told, that people from out of the country rent most of the motorhomes.

This is not a parking lot at an RV dealer. These Class C’s are parked at a national park.


They travel together across the country in rented RV’s. These are Class C.

Extreme is the Name of the Sports in the West


As we traveled the byways, we encountered people doing extreme sports everywhere. We had never seen the “mean” machines, as I call them, until we camped outside St. George. (And were also caught in the middle of an Iron Man competition.) They are called OHV-Off Highway Vehicles but some states allow them to drive on local streets. They were so ugly! A gathering of those machines was to have competitions right next to our campground in a couple of days. We were happy to leave.

Nice ride on the Colorado River!

There were people rock climbing huge buttes in most of the parks along with dirt bike enthusiasts and cyclists. There were jeep caravans that took you into the desert and then back for a ride on a zip line. We took a boat trip down the Colorado where lots of people would spend a whole day kayaking, tubing, or floating. The rapids were not so easy to navigate. There were dogs on some of the floats. We couldn’t believe it!

This is not our photo but I thought you would like it.

Thinking about the best and interesting days so far on this trip, I have to go back to the towns, cities, villages, and people we have met. The parks, and especially Page, Arizona were stunning, but if I had to do this trip again I would head to the small towns throughout the United States. They have so much to tell you about who they are and the history, architecture, famous people, and importance of their town. Near every National Park are fabulous scenic roads. You won’t find busloads or strings of motorhome caravans on those roads. They are as gorgeous as the National Parks themselves.

Tom and Marla after five weeks in the desert!

We are singing, “We went to the desert with a house (RV) with no name….”

Take it Easy!

As always this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge and Thomas C. Hemling



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