From Tom’s Dashboard. Solar Energy and Milt’s Diner

Solar and the Energy Future.

Solar House Panels. Tesla is offering roofs that look “real.”

Texas and Oklahoma had the wind turbines. In New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, everywhere you look you find solar energy panels. We found them on houses, small company building, lights on signs along the highway, government buildings, small portable units for people dry camping, and the large energy company installations. The make no noise, they give off no odors. Pretty neat. Great to see the progress in sustainable energy.

We saw campers using these!

Some place the solar panels on the roof of their RV!

Government testing the Colorado River for Uranium traces. Unsuspecting tourists are frolicking in this water.


Outside Moab Utah between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks we saw an unfortunate example from our energy past. There is a very large pile (450 acres) of uranium tailings leftover from the extraction of uranium for energy and nuclear weapons. No mention of it in the tourist brochures. It looks harmless from the highway, and the reports indicate radon and other radio-active particles are no higher than background. However, it has leached into ground water, so it is being moved to a safer location. The commercial companies that made profits on uranium are of course are conveniently bankrupt and we taxpayers are stuck with the clean-up, which will take until the mid 2030’s if funding is maintained. I would rather subsidize advances in clean energy like solar and wind, then subsidize nuclear, but it looks like we need to do both.   Now back to the fantastic scenery or the American Southwest.

Tom forgot to mention the first Tesla we saw on the road. The owners from Vermont raved about it. There are Tesla charging stations all over the West. Their GPS creates a roadmap so that they drive by the stations. On one charge they get 350 miles or they can charge on 50 amp or 100 amp, like at home or at the campground, and get 50 miles. I think my next car will be electric!

Milt has his own Diner.

Tom’s Dad, Milt, died about ten years ago. HIs mom is in a nursing home in Wisconsin. In some of the paperwork that had to be sent to the state, Milt was listed as being alive. He would be 95 this year.

In a brochure, Tom found that a person by the name of Milt had a diner and wondered to his siblings if dad was indeed alive? So we had to find the

Here he is! So proud of his father’s Diner! He he!

diner, and when we arrived it was packed. Most of the tables were outside under trees. Of course we ordered a cheeseburger with a slice of green chili, a BLT, and a Heath Bar malt. We feasted all the while remembering Tom’s Dad! WooHoo!


As always this post is copyrighted by Thomas C. Hemling and Marla J. Selvidge




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