Sparkling Vancouver, British Columbia

The City of Glass Sparkles

How much wealth is here?

How much wealth is here?

The builders of Vancouver had to have come from Hong Kong, because it could be its sister city.  High rise buildings gleam with a greenish-colored glass just like Hong Kong. And it seems as if the city is 80% Asian but the net says about 34%.  I think it is wrong!

Anyone ever eat one of these?

Anyone ever eat one of these?

We heard very few people speak English.  It reminded us of our trip to Egypt long ago where we couldn’t hear anyone speaking English.  When we did hear English, we headed straight toward the traveling women, and made them our friends.  Tom says that there are a lot of foreigners here.  I reminded him that we are foreigners here!!!

I think Vancouver is becoming one of my favorite cities.  We have been here several times in the past, and Tom was stranded here for more than a week during 9/11.

Not too many of these guys walking the streets!

Not too many of these guys walking the streets!

The city-planners wanted people to live good and healthy lives.  So they planted green space all around the city.  It has no super highways but lots of public transportation.  The city itself is a peninsula surrounded by water.  It reminds me of my home in Michigan.  Blueish-black mountains cradle the port of Vancouver.  It is a lovely sight indeed. More than 2 million people live in the area.

This, along with other eery paintings, was outside of a church!

This, along with other eery paintings, was outside of a church!

The city itself is vibrant and beautiful with clean streets and polite residents and visitors.  There are hundreds of restaurants, places to shop, places to visit, and things to do.  Tom and I prefer getting to  know a city, you know, its people, its food, its architecture, its natural surroundings, before we visit museums.  We head to museums only when the weather forces us to go indoors.

Today we visited Granville Island–what food, what a shoreline, what fun!  We took the “Hop-on  Hop-off bus.”  This  bus is a great way to visit a lot of  places in the city for only a little cash.

We walked out to Vanier Park on Granville island where we saw dozens of dogs playing in the water.  There were a lot of pit bulls?  Probably the most memorable sight was a hefty woman walking past us with stilt boots, wearing only a small halter and a thong.  I tried to catch up to her to take her photo but … she vanished.  Where did she go?

Canada Place -- so beautiful!

Canada Place — so beautiful!

Tomorrow we will join our cruise at Canada Place.  Words cannot describe the splendor of this port and its surroundings.  Bicyclists whiz by on a trail that takes you over 17 miles around the city.  Yesterday we walked from Canada Place to Stanley Park to find the Totems and experience the ships, the hydro-planes, and a lot more. Oh, it is 70 degrees with sunshine.  What a relief from Missouri weather!

I think this was produced by the Haida.

I think this was produced by the Haida.

We are so lucky to be able to have this experience.

Unfortunately I will not be able to write about our cruise until we return from Alaska.  WIFI on board the ship is slow and costly and I could easily spend up to $100 when creating one of these blogs.  The images would not download.  I have some great photos from today that we will share with you soon.

So we will be back on the trail in a few weeks.

As always this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge


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