Wandering Thoughts about Alabama

May 8, 2016

Days 20-22:  Cultural Divide at the Campground Store

These people are happy!

These people are happy!

I had never heard of the town of Boaz, Alabama.  What a name!  The Hebrew Bible tells a story of how Ruth, a stranger and alien, presented herself to Boaz and he accepted her into his life.  The town must have begun as a way of welcoming strangers! I like that!

We did not know that there was a KIA plant in West Point, Alabama.  Nearby there was a training center and three Korean restaurants.  Who da thought?

This is not my pic but you can see the courthouse on the right.

This is not my pic but you can see the courthouse on the right.

We passed by Gadsden that houses a huge Goodyear tire plant.  Above the plant there was an American flag beckoning us to visit the courthouse.  Every town we visited had huge manufacturing plants, including Tyson chicken.  Now I know where all the plants went.  They did not go to Mexico or India when they left Detroit!

Here in Alabama banks look like churches, churches look like Southern plantations, and Southern plantations look like pillared insurance companies.  Red brick with white columns seem to be the preferred style!

RV taped together with no plates.

RV taped together with no plates.

When we checked in at the campground at Lake Guntersville the Southern speaking young lady chided me because I did not use the word “check in” when I gave her my reservation.  Two times we visited the store and they boxed our ears because they either did not like our speech, or did not understand us, and we did not understand their speech either.  Are we in the United States?

Look closely at the RV above.  It is taped together and has no plates and the tires are flat.  The reservation at this campground put us in the month to month section of the homeless.  What a view!

The RV below was, we think, some kind of delivery truck or storage container for cold foods.  Notice the stairs and the windows cut into the side.  The guy had an air conditioner hooked up below with water and electricity.  How ingenious!

Cheap ingenious way to travel!

Cheap ingenious way to travel!


Observations about the Culture

What year is this?

What year is this?

Red dirt, hush puppies, fish camps, Southern bells, honeycomb, yard art of 49′ automobiles, Krystals, Rally’s, Dirt Cheap, front porches, Ollies’ Bargain Outlet, Mapco Gas, CN Fuels, Samco, wicker furniture and Free Life Worship followed us every where.

Baptists Reign in Alabama

Sometimes there were two or three different Baptist churches within a couple of blocks of one another.  I began making a list yesterday during our 150 mile trek of the names.  Here goes:  Friendship Missionary Baptist (all the rest of the below are Baptist), Kyle Avenue, Cherry Street, Carlile, Springdale, Oak Grove, Woodland Park, Saks, Mt.  Zion, United Fellowship, First Baptist Church of Boaz, Alder Springs, and Oak Grove Missionary.  Along the way we also spotted some free thinkers at Center of Hope and Cathedral of Praise.  We only found one synagogue in Annesta(?), Temple Bet El.  There were no temples or mosques anywhere!

Playing at playing golf!

Playing at playing golf!

We celebrated our Mothers today by playing golf!  I beat Tom on the front nine and he hammered me on the back!  Tomorrow we visit the Huntsville Space Center.  Perhaps we will find another mode of transportation we like!

Enjoy a view from the top of the hill at Lake Guntersville!




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