Linking with Friends in Macon

May 6, 2016

Days  19-24:  Folding Space Again!

Our most-talented and beautiful friend, "Z."

Our most-talented and beautiful friend, “Z” at an Indian restaurant.

We have been on the road for three weeks and it seems like only a few days.  Our last stop was in Macon, Georgia to catch up with our friend Marian “Z” Zielinski.  We became friends the year that Tom and I started dating in 1981.  She was our best friend at Carthage College.

In the summer of 1981, Z and I spent 6 weeks together traveling in a mini-bus out west in a Desert Ecology class offered by Carthage.  We came back looking like roasted chickens.  Then I moved to Dayton, Ohio to take a position at the University of Dayton.

Since we left Kenosha, I visited her once during the 80’s at Mercer College, called her on the phone a few times, and we caught up with her in Chicago.  Tom and I were walking down Michigan Avenue when all of a sudden someone jumped us from behind.  For a few seconds we thought it was all over for us! No, it was Z and she saw us walking down the street. She was the mugger!   What a great moment that was!

Frank the Phenomenologiest

Frank the Phenomenologist

She is now married to Frank, a Communication professor, at Mercer University. We were here to celebrate Z’s retirement this semester after 34 years at Mercer!!!!!!  Hooray!!!!



Frank and Z's backyard!

Frank and Z’s backyard!

Z invited a few friends over for good food (created by Frank) and a cool dip in the pool. The building to the right houses only one of her studios at home.

Like-minded Friends. Marla and Z.

Like-minded Friends. Marla and Z.

Frank's Cusine. Pork-Tato

Frank’s Cusine. Pork-Tato

No one could count the words that came out of all of our mouths.  We talked at the Indian restaurant.

We talked at the campground.  We talked while she gave us a tour of campus and downtown Macon.  We talked in the kitchen, dining room, porch…  You get the picture!

Wouldn't you like this hanging in your home?

Wouldn’t you like this hanging in your home?

She is one of the most talented human beings on earth.  Her career was spent as the Set and Costume Designer in the Theatre Department at Mercer, with some time chairing it.  Today she is a retired artist working in mixed media.

We were so impressed with her avant-garde quilts, paintings, and fiber art that have toured the world.  If you would like to see more of her artwork go to her website.

Meanwhile, at night we camped at the beautiful Clayston campground.  Across the lake were beautiful neatly-maintained houses.  Each one had a dock that was patterned after the house above on the hill.

Miniature docks reflect house above!

Docks reflect house above!

This is different!  By the beach early in the morning were sleeping ducks.  We did not disturb them.  But as soon as someone opened a lawn chair, they were right there begging for food.  I actually think the ducks were biting people that did not give them food.

Preying ducks!

Preying ducks!

For those of you who like 19th century architecture, here are a few of the magnificent homes on College Ave. in Macon.

Just dream about this house!

Just dream about this house!

Another mighty structure!

Another mighty structure!

Z brought us back to the campground.  We hugged and wanted to bring her back with us to Kansas City.  She threw a kiss and said, “Love you….”

Tom and Z catching up! Look at those paintings on the wall!

Tom and Z catching up!
Look at those paintings on the wall!

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